How to Snipe New Token Launches Like A Boss With TUF Sniper Bot

Want to know how to snipe new token launches like a pro? We’ll show how you can be one of the first buyers on token launch with the TUF Sniper Bot and how to operate the sniper bot to be more successful than all the other apes.

Snipe New Token Launches on BSC, ETH or AVAX

You probably know this already: You have discovered a new, hyped project that everyone is talking about and that’s listing soon.
The approximate launch date has been announced and you can’t wait to be one of the first buyers of the token.

The alarm clock is set and pancakeswap or uniswap page is open, you just wait for the signal in the channel when the sale is about to start.

The signal is there with some delay and the race begins…everyone wants to be the first!

You hurry as fast as you can to grab a little piece of the cake, but the whole pancake-swap or uniswap interface takes forever. In addition, there is also the token approval procedure that’s taking forever to go through…geez.

Maybe you don’t even get that far on your first try…

Most token launches are accompanied by overloaded network due to countless requests being sent at the same time and you only get an error message.

After a few tries you will probably get through and can finally acquire some tokens. You’re cheering and feeling like a king…until you see the chart and realize that you didn’t buy at the bottom, you actually bought at the top.

Oh Sheet!

Now the price starts to fall as all the bots and other guys with faster hands are selling their bags. The train has already left and you are still holding your bags full of worthless tokens in your hand.

Congratulations, you officially lost the rat race!

How can I snipe tokens faster?

If you want to be one of the first to snipe tokens right after the launch and sell for bigger profits, we’ll show you exactly how to do it here.

You’ve probably already guessed it, but here’s the secret of all those professionals:
They all use so-called sniper bots, which interact directly with exchange platforms such as pancake swap or uniswap and transmit buy or sell orders in the shortest possible time.

These bots scan the token contract and wait for the so-called Liquidity Add Event, which announces the starting signal for free trading of the tokens.

In just a few milliseconds!!! such a token sniper bot transmits the order immediately after liquidity add event and is one of the first to acquire some valuable tokens…usually at the lowest price!

Now think about how long it would take for you as a person to place a buy order in a conventional way.

Is it 5-10 seconds (if you’re fast)?

During this time, countless professionals with sniper bots have already acquired the tokens at a ridiculous price and are already waiting for the right time to sell.

Instead of buying through the Pancake Swap or Uniswap platform like a normal person (which always seems to lag), we offer you an ultimate weapon that lets you snipe token launches like a boss: The TUF Sniper Bot.

How to snipe new tokens at launch with the TUF Sniper Bot

Alright, so you actually want to get serious and snipe with the big boys. We’ll give you a short introduction into the bots features and awesome possibilities to successfully snipe tokens like a real chad.

First you have to choose which chain you want to snipe on. TUF is one of the only bot developers who is offering applications for BSC, ETH, AVAX, Cronos & Metis network!

These Sniper Bots are specially made for sniping freshly created tokens ultra fast right after liquidity add. Based on your configuration and optimal use cases you can practically start on pole position.

Why is the TUF Sniper Bot better than the competition?

While other bots of competitors are focusing on nice features and easy to use tools the TUF bots only mission is to arrive as fast as possible after the trading is enabled.

And that’s the most imporant part of a sniper bot – speed!

With the help of this tool you will be able to reach positions that have never been imaginable before using all kind of swap portals such as Pancakeswap or Uniswap.

You simply enter the contract address and the application is basically  doing all the steps in one click so you will be saving up a lot of time to buy into those tokens.

There are also lots of functions available inside the tool to check against Rugs & Honeypots so you don’t ape in aimlessly into shitcoins.

And with the built in simulator you can simulate the buy and sell outcome to check what the outcome would be or if there might be too high buy/sell taxes applied!

That’s it!

Now you know the secret to sniping new tokens faster than 99% of the great apes.

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