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Our Sniper bots provides you the possibility to enter as early as possible to fair launches or pre sales on the selected network.

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Wallet Tracker Bot


Wallet tracker bot allows you to follow the selected wallet. It will copy the donor wallet buys and sell. You can frontrun the person or you can just ride side by side.

The application only copies buys and sells ignoring any other movement on the tracked wallet.

Wallet tracker not just following the selected person, but also copying their settings from A-Z including gas settings, methodid, slippage.

You can customize the application based on your needs so you don`t need to follow the person with the same amount so you can have your own investment!

In this tool you can just copy wallets however you can manually sell independently from the donor wallet.

Also you can check your history, P/L and you can get notification from your trades.

Currently available on BSC & ETH Network.

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Trader Bot – Wallet tracking for buys and sells, Smart Contract Copy

Customized Gas settings for frontrun

Customized investment amount

Possibility to frontrun the donor wallet, Contract blacklisting

Manual Sell option, History track

Email Notification, Dark Mode

Private node support and usage

Plus many more

Showcase video

Sniper Bot


Sniper Bots specially made for the decentralized market where the developers are releasing the freshly created tokens.

The main task of the tool is to arrive as fast as possible after the trading is enabled.

Our application currently available on BSC, ETH, AVAX, Cronos, Metis network.

With the help of this tool you will be able to reach those positions whats never been reachable before using any swap portals such as Pancakeswap or Uniswap.

The application basically  doing all the steps in one click so you will be saving up time to buy into those tokens.

Plenty functions are available on the tool against Rugs & Honeypots!

With the built in Simulator even the buy and sell outcome prediction possible so you can be protected fully!

 Unverified contract reader, Trade Simulator,  All Presale Platforms, Method ID usage

Start Delay, Contract Reader, History Checker

24/7 Support, Private Node Support

Rug Checker, Honeypot Checker, Rug Pull Protection

Tax Checker, Live Chart, Live Sell Tracker

Antibots, Wallet Scan, Token Transfer

Dark Mode, Timer, Stop Loss with target price

Telegram Scan, math Captcha checker, Regex reader

Token Amount usage, Custom Sell %

Multi Wallet for Presales

Plus many more 

Showcase video

  • Exclusive version
  • Smart Contract Copy
  • Customised Gas settings for frontrun
  • Customised investment amount
  • Possibility to frontrun the donor wallet
  • Contract blacklisting
  • Manual Sell option
  • History track
  • Email Notification
  • Dark Mode
  • Private node support and usage
  • Plus many more functions + sub networks
  • Mint Sniping
  • Rarity Checker
  • Method ID Scan
  • Dev Wallet Scanner
  • Contract Reader
  • Multi Wallet up to 6
  • Plus Many more
  • User Friendly interface
  • “GUI” Fair Launch Sniping
  • Force Buy & Sell
  • Gwei & Limit setup
  • Slippage Setup
  • Divide Function
  • Profit / Loss counter
  • Current Balance
  • Smart Copy & Paste
  • Basic Support
  • Public node support only
  • Available on BSC/ETH/Avax/Cronos network currently
  • German based high performance servers
  • Low latency 1-5ms


Why Choose Us

Provide Advanced Sniper bots for Advanced trading

One of the first Sniper Bot team with proper user interface. Since go live providing quality support and features to the users and showing honest work to passion to the market.


The below listed users are valid users. They are all available on our discord channel! Based on request we are not mentioned any names and big wins!

Exclusive bot user
    Exclusive bot user

    ETH / BSC

    2021 was easily the best year of my life. Extremely grateful to @TomiieB- TUF/CCI and TUF crew for creating not only excellent tools but providing so many resources, help, constant updates & communication, and a community for us to all share and learn together! 2022 is going to go down in history for those of us who choose to take the leap of faith and invest in the Crypto space. This is the gold rush we all studied in school, but in modern time. Don’t be left behind!

    Tracker Bot User
      Tracker Bot User


      "I have been using the tracker for over a month now and Tommie was always really helpful and added many new features I requested making the bot even better. I bought multiple licenses with the profits and can snipe coins without being active."


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      Support Help

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      Team Experts

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Tuf is our Sniper bot brand name what we have decided back 2021 May. Means the sound of the bullets when shoot happening from the gun.
      Behind the fantasy we are application developers for the decentralasied market where we are trying to support as many users as we can to make efficient their trades.

      Lifetime support upon purchasement for all the bots!
      Including updates!
      (Node rental service not included)
      Only for the private node rental in case you are using TUF private nodes!
      Currently please join to our discord or Telegram server and direct message the owner!
      The only peson who can grant you access!!!

      Our application available on:

      Still Confused About Our Features?

      Join to our discord channel to talk with one of our team members!